Custom manufacturer of industrial metal stampings including sheet metal stampings. Products include small parts, large parts, assemblies & draw work. Materials handled range in thicknesses from 0.005 in. to 0.188 in. Stampings are available in different sizes, contours & shapes. Secondary operations include tumble deburring, spot welding, seam welding, time saver sanding, tapping, reaming, countersinking, machining, welding, piece marking, silk screen, hardware installations & assemblies. Markets served include aircraft, aerospace, commercial, automotive, marine, military & electronics


We at Bloomer’s do our best to be your manufacturing solution by providing our customers with finished product as well as one piece components. We include finishes, such as anodize, paint, plating, and heat treating. We also do in house silk screening and piece marking. Both impression stamp and ink stamp. We do hardware installations such as fasteners, and rivets. We are equipped in house to seam weld, TIG weld, MIG weld, and spot weld. We have created over the years, numerous custom assembly solutions for our customers including designing custom equipment, automated feeding equipment, and multi head tapping machines. Even down to custom boxes and packaging to suit our customer’s needs, and requirements. All in an effort to provide one stop shopping and convenience to our customers.

Draw Work

The metal stamping process allows us to create draws, extrusions, and complex forms that are often turned away by other metal fabricators. Since we custom tool each new project, we start with a clean sheet of paper. This allows us the flexibility to apply years of tooling expertise to your tool, without being concerned about keeping the tool standardized for some other application. We have successfully converted many higher priced welded assemblies, metal spinnings, and machined parts over to lower cost one piece formed or drawn metal stampings.

Large Parts

Bloomer’s 165 Ton press line can handle coil up to 3/16 thick by 24” wide allowing the versatility to manufacture large parts with minimal operator handling. Large parts are often referred to as Sheet Metal parts, however, these parts can usually be produced in a punch press application given there is volume. Whether producing large parts, or small parts, all of our tooling is constructed and designed in house using the very same principles. We have equipment such as time saver sanding for graining parts up to 36 inches wide. Press Brake for forming parts up to 6 feet wide.

Small Parts

Our short run tooling process routinely handles material as thin as .005, and as thick as .188 with near limitless contours and shapes.The work envelope for our standard short run fixture is up to 8 inch x 10 inch, and is typically most cost effective on runs from 100 -100,000 pieces.. The advantages with stamping are that we custom tool each part per our customers drawing. Therefore if you prefer a round blank with a key slot in the O.D. it is no different then a simple round. You are no longer limited to “standard tooling” nor “catalogue hardware”. So design what you really need and send us your drawing for a quote. You will be surprised at how affordable short run tooling can be, plus all of our tooling is lifetime guaranteed so you will never pay sharpening fees or maintenance fees of any kind.